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We offer five different ridingtours that fits everyone. From beginners to adept ridders.

DKK 195 ,-

This tour is perfect for children that wish to try horsebackriding. The tour is short, which makes it suitable for young children or adults who only want a short tour. This is a beautiful and easy tour for the whole family. Whether it is on horseback or on foot alongside.

DKK 350 ,-

This tour is the perfect tour for the whole family. Even for those without any experience on horseback. The tour is in a slow pace so everybody can enjoy the beautiful terrain. Experience Hammershus up close on horseback. This is an unique adventure, that will make the trip special.

DKK 350 ,-

The wish tour is for ridders with experiance on horseback, but not experienced in gallop. On the tour you can experience the beautiful half-timbered farmhouse Hammersholm and come up close to one of the largest places in the Nordic region with petroglyphs at Madsebakke.

The tour will be in varied terrain, that offers big grassfields and lots of forrest. On the tour you will come across multiple lookoutposts, where you will get a view of Hammershus, the sea and Allinge, among other.

The tour will take place primarily in steps and with good trotting stretches along the way.

DKK 450 ,-

The Hammer tour is for all seasoned ridders, that wishes to experience the beautiful natur on Hammerknuden. The tour offers big open meadows, big heather area, a great view of the sea and of course hilly terrain in the old rocky landscape. The ridingtour starts by Hammersøen where we will ride directly to Hammerknuden. There the most of the tour will take place, and we will end the tour with a trip in the water, if the weather allows it. The tour will takes place in stride, trot and a little gallop. Therefore it important that you have experience on horseback, for you to go on this tour.


DKK 660 ,-

This tour is for the seasoned ridders who wishes to ride in the amazing and special surroundings if Hammershus. On this tour we will ride up to Slotslyngen and the surrounding terrain. The tour is an exciting adventure, which will surprise even the most experienced ridder. The old untouched terrain, where the rocks spring up everywhere is a very specielt encounter, that can only be experienced on horseback.

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